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Lhuyd (AB: 169b, 297b) gives the word 'rosh' glossing Latin 'Vallis' and
English 'A vally or dale'.  Lhuyd (AB: 32a) gives the word 'rôs' glossing
English 'A Mountain-meadow or Moss'. Could we be dealing with two
different lexemes here? Most interestingly the Catholicon (5124) gives
the Middle-Breton word 'ros' glossing the Latin 'vallis' and the French
'tertre'. Now Latin 'vallis' does mean 'a valley'. However French
'tertre' means 'hammock, hill, hillock, hummock, knoll, mound'. Could it
be that the compiler of the Catholicon was confusing two different but
similar sounding Middle Breton words, cognate with two distinct Cornish
lexemes, 'rosh' and 'rôs'? If so, then Cornish 'rosh', although not
attested in the extant Middle Cornish literature, must have existed in
Middle Cornish.Jon

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  In his Gerlevran Neil gives under 'valley':  (usu) rôsh (Lh,WG) var
  rôz (WG cv PN rose)-ow. Is rosh a variant of ros and does it mean
  'valley'?If it is attested only in LNN we cannot be sure that it was
  still a living item in speech.After all, Chipping 'Market' occurs in
  several English toponyms, but nobody speaks of the International
  Money Chippings.

  On 29 Jul 2008, at 07:25, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

    Of course, we need not restrict ourselves to nans or valy.

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