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Craig Weatherhill weatherhill at freenet.co.uk
Wed Jul 30 16:22:50 IST 2008

I won't put it down to being your fault, Michael.  It was the fault of 
the process, from which you were excluded.  The AHG meetings were too 
brief and too rushed, as a result of which the delegates at those 
meetings were also under too much pressure for full and constructive 
debate.  There should have been at least one more weekend session to 
cover those items which had yet to be discussed.  Hence the 
imperfections of the SWF.

It isn't down to you, or Andrew or anyone except those in charge of the 
whole organisation.  It was rushed and it was bodged as a result, as 
rush jobs always are.


Michael Everson wrote:
> On 24 Jul 2008, at 11:04, I wrote:
>> At the first meeting of the AHG, Trond used an agenda of issues I had 
>> written for him. This did not include any reference to <ai> or <au> 
>> because I hadn't thought about them previously and didn't put them on 
>> the agenda.
> Trond, who evidently reads the archives of Spellyans from time to 
> time, contacted me to inform me that while he did request (and 
> receive) a document of issues from me in mid-November, he did not use 
> it as the basis for his agenda. Rather he asked the AHG as a whole 
> what they thought needed to be discussed.
> As it happens, the order in which things did get discussed (to judge 
> by the debriefings I had each day from Andrew) was (to my mind) the 
> same as that of my agenda. Of course that may well be because (1) the 
> problems being linguistic were common and (2) the Agan Tavas members 
> of the AHG had my list of priorities as well. 
> I was unaware that Trond had not used the contribution to form the 
> agenda. He says he did not, so I must stand corrected. 
> In any case, the fact that I missed <ai> and <au> in my agenda was 
> certainly why they did not get put on the list of issues; had they 
> been on my original list Andrew would certainly have brought it up and 
> it would have been dealt with by the AHG.
> Michael Everson
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