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nicholas williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 12:18:55 BST 2008

My name is Nicholas Williams. I am (recently retired) professor in 
Celtic Languages in University College, Dublin. I started learning 
Unified Cornish in 1959.
I was made bard in Newquay in 1962 for proficiency in Cornish.  I 
have written several books on and in Cornish including, Cornish 
Today, Clappya Kernowek,
Gerlyver-Sawsnek Kernowek, An Testament Noweth, Towards Authentic 
Cornish and Writings on Revived Cornish. Together with Graham Thomas 
I edited Bewnans Ke for the University of Exeter Press. I contribute 
regularly to Cornish Studies on the Cornish language, my most recent 
articles being 'I-affection in Breton and Cornish' (CS 14) and 'the 
Cornish englyn' (CS 15).  I was the originator of UCR and I have been 
involved in the elaboration of Kernowak Standard. I was a member of 
the Partnership's Linguistic Working Group and an adviser to the AHG.

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