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Nige Martin nige.martin at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 11:39:28 BST 2008

My name is Nigel Martin. I was born in Illogan in 1963 and raised in Kernow
until the age of 16 when I left home. Since then much of my working life has
been spent within the UK and abroad, although my family home has remained in
Kernow (ivo St. Austell). I am married with 2 teenage children.

My ambition is to become fluent in Kernowek/Kernowak within 3 years now that
a SWF has been agreed and I look forward to following an established
syllabus in order to achieve this (I've nailed my colours to the mast). I am
especially grateful to Michael Everson and the team for their sterling work
to date, especially given the obstacles they have had to overcome.

Being neither a 'scholar' nor a 'linguist', I am merely someone who promotes
'Cornishness' in a good light wherever I travel. Having worked in Portugal,
and now Belgium, during the past 3 years more people (including the English)
are aware of Cornwall, it's history and identity.
Craig Wetherill's article "Cornwall not England" in issue 43 of 'Cornish
World' interests me; I would like to learn more.  Is there a  Cornish
hostory distance-learning course I could take?

Initially my part in this forum will be minimal but, as my knowledge
increases, my participation should increase and prove meaningful.

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