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Craig Weatherhill weatherhill at freenet.co.uk
Mon Jun 9 19:58:04 BST 2008

Ahanowgh oll wheg,

The Moderator of this list has asked each participant to present their 
own introduction.  Most will already know me but, for those who don't:

My name is Craig Weatherhill, a native of West Penwith, the history, 
archaeology, traditions etc. of which I have studied since I was 8 years 
old.  That was nearly half a century ago so, as you can see, I'm 
actually old enough to know better. 

I'm currently in my final year as Chairman of Agan Tavas and have taught 
elementary Cornish for some years (usually in the Fountain Inn, 
Newbridge which just happens to be my local).  My speciality in the 
language is its history and, in particular, the research and study of  

I'm the author of two related books: Cornish Place Names and Language 
(fully revised edition published in 2007 - I'm proud to say that the 
original 1995 publication was the one of the biggest selling books about 
the language - about 15,000 sold); and Place Names in Cornwall and 
Scilly (2006).  I have had several other books published, including two 
on Cornish archaeology.  A third, "Return to Cornovia" is due to be 
published this year.

Married (and divorced) just the once, and that was 18 years ago.  So 
maybe I am now old enough to know better!  No offspring, no current 
partner.  Am a keen horseman and (at the moment) horse owner which is 
quite appropriate for a Sagittarian. (I say "at the moment" because the 
one actually owned by me, the old mare Larnie, is now 37 and long since 
retired - pretty amazing for a creature whose average life span is about 
28.  I do not own Paddy, whose picture was used as my avatar on Cornwall 
24, which I no longer participate in).

Installed as Bard of the Cornish Gorsedd in 1981 for services to Cornish 
archaeology, taking the Bardic name Delynyer Hendhyscans ("Draughtsman 
of Archaeology").  Resigned my Bardship in 1997, after the Gorsedd 
Council refused to act against a serious breach of the Gorsedd code by 
others (whose names would be no surprise to most of you).

Am currently trying to complete the third novel ("The Tinners' Way") of 
the Trevelyan Trilogy which includes "The Lyonesse Stone" and "Seat of 

I try to pay the bills by freelancing as an architectural designer, 
after 24 years in local government, prior to which I was in the Royal 
Air Force.  I was also an active footballer, a goalkeeper who appeared 
for Falmouth Town, Cornwall Schools and the full Cornwall side, as well 
as Plymouth Argyle (season 1967-68), and have even played in the F.A. 
Cup.  I try to keep reasonably fit and am only half a stone heavier than 
in my goalkeeping days (to the intense relief of my sturdy steed).

Oll an gwella,

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