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janicelobb at tiscali.co.uk janicelobb at tiscali.co.uk
Thu Jun 12 15:33:04 BST 2008

Thô vi Jan Lobb. Anurma thô vi anneilez, byz kenzennah thera vi
deskaderez. Termen mi a ve iunk mi a vendzhah pyb ear deski an tavaz
Kembrîan, byz nenna mi dhemedhaz Kernaw ha dhetermiaz dho vadra Kernûak
et i leh. Lebmen thera vi madra Kernûak gen Mina Dresser ha teska
descanzaw rag desgiblan nouydh.

I'm a retired lecturer, married for more years than I care to mention
to a Cornishman. I've always been an enthusiast for languages and
started to learn Modern Cornish with Mina Dresser as soon as I had the
opportunity. Such is my enthusiasm (if not expertise)  that I now take
a weeklyn beginners' class in Truro. I have also been struggling to
conduct e-mail lessons. What I would like to see from the SWF (though
this may not be the view of the Cussel as a whole) is a consistent
"formula" for switching between Dick's latest orthography (which I find
assists pronunciation) and the SWF (which I will need to use for
written work). So. I shall not be giving opinions so much as asking for
advice and clarification.

Ol an gwelha
Jan Lobb

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