[Spellyans] Introduction

A. J. Trim ajtrim at msn.com
Tue Jun 17 10:44:58 BST 2008

I am one eighth Cornish. I currently live in 
Essex. I am not a linguist but I have an interest 
in the Cornish language. I can write simple 
sentences in Cornish. I use a non-standard 
orthography at present, based on UCR. I do not 
speak Cornish (yet) 
 perhaps just a few words. I 
hope to expand my knowledge and use of Cornish, 
perhaps converting to the SWF if and when it 
becomes a viable option.

I believe that the “SWF” will be good for 
Cornish. We just need to perfect it—preferably 
before it becomes irreparably entrenched, and at 
the very least, in good time for its 5-year 

My main concern is that the SWF should be as authentic as possible.

Andrew J. Trim

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