[Spellyans] The quantity system

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Tue Jun 24 14:10:47 BST 2008

At 12:05 +0100 2008-06-24, A. J. Trim wrote:
>OK, so far - Simple, practical, not at odds with the evidence.
>Why does gwyll need to have two ls if y is always short?

It's a bit of redundancy. No harm.

tol and toll would be [to:l] and [tOl]. In the case of monosyllables 
we have i and y to differentiate but I think it's better to keep the 
regular distribution of -l after long vowels and -ll after short. 
We've done the same with -r and -rr, and that was taken up by the SWF.

So here there is no error or inconsistency to fix.
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