[Spellyans] The sounds of Cornish

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Tue Jun 24 14:43:52 BST 2008

At 14:36 +0100 2008-06-24, A. J. Trim wrote:

>Does Tregear have <ggh> as well?

Not to my knowledge.

>How do we know that cottha and perfettha did not have [t] (as in "try")
>rather than [T] (as in "thigh")?
>Wouldn't we expect cothha and perfethha instead?

<tth> and <thh> are both valid ways of writing [Th] (voiceless "th" 
followed by "h" but as a practical matter of writing systems <tth> is 
easier to write; it is more familiar to the hand. Compare "Matthew". 
<tth> simply looks better than <thh>. It's also one of the graphs in 
the SWF, and it's what Tregear used so it's authentic. The graph 
<thh> is not attested.

The mistake the SWF made was in admitting this but not admitting <lh> 
and <nh>. That's inconsistent.
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