[Spellyans] Spellyans subscription notification

Peter & Rael asterby at tiscali.co.uk
Tue Jun 24 16:58:11 BST 2008

We moved to Cornwall when we retired.  I am Welsh (a native speaker) 
and Peter is Cornish.  He won, although I was not at all unhappy 
about coming to Cornwall.  We both got stuck into learning Cornish 
(UC/UCR) and like KS. We've both just taken Grade 3 exams (as 
organised by the dear old Kesva - soon to be overtaken by the 
Language Ladder, I trust) and hopefully will move on to the 
equivalent of Grade 4 next year.  We have been very fortunate in 
having excellent teachers.  I don't understand much of the stuff on 
linguistics but thoroughly enjoy reading the posts.  My main 
(professional) interest is in the introduction of Cornish in schools, 
particularly in the Foundation and KS1 years.

Rael Harvey.

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