[Spellyans] <y Y> + diacritical

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Tue Jun 24 19:53:23 BST 2008

At 21:36 +0300 2008-06-24, Owen Cook wrote:
>Good, I like it -- we can use <ÿ> as a stand-in for y-circumflex for
>those who find themselves without a y-circumflex-supporting font.
>Perfect. All the more reason not to use <ÿ> in words like dedh and
>pres! ;-)

I see the smiley but the problem here is simply 
how to deal with the SWF's ambiguous dydh/dedh. 
We won't succeed with deidh, beautiful as it is. 
That means marking the vowels, and there, there 
is only one technical choice that will not 
backfire on us.
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