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Jon Mills j.mills at email.com
Wed Jun 25 12:43:10 BST 2008

Good idea. I second that.Jon

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I would like to propose to replace all SWF Main Form occurrences of <gh>
with <h> in the Late register of the SWF. Here are a few examples:

SWF/MF bogh ‘cheek’  =>           SWF/LF boh

SWF/MF flogh ‘child’   =>           SWF/LF floh

SWF/MF bregh ‘arm’     =>           SWF/LF breh

SWF/MF dhywgh ‘to-you’   =>           SWF/LF dhewh ~ dewh

SWF/MF forgh =>           SWF/LF vorh

What do you think?


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