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Christian Semmens christian.semmens at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 12:45:44 BST 2008

At the risk of stirring up a hornets nest, I think this may be taking
things a bit too far. I think everyone would be happy with 'deth' or
'dyth' without recourse to diacritics at all. I strongly suspect that
no one will actually write them once they become fluent enough anyway.
Deith still looks horrible to me (as does chei, rei etc..), and I've
tried to like it, really I have.

Is it really such a huge problem?


2008/6/25 Michael Everson <everson at evertype.com>:
> At 08:55 +0000 2008-06-25, Jon Mills wrote:
>>What I want from the SWF is the possibility to use traditional
>>forms. The attested traditional forms are  deth, deyth, dyth (Middle
>>& Tudor) and deeth (Late). Am I the only person who thinks the
>>diaresis looks awful?
> I promise, it is not hard to get used to things. I once thought
> <deidh> looked awful. I got used to it.
> We have to solve problems if we want something learnable and teachable.
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