[Spellyans] RLC <h> for <gh>

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Wed Jun 25 12:53:28 BST 2008

At 12:37 +0200 2008-06-25, Daniel Prohaska wrote:
>I would like to propose to replace all SWF Main Form occurrences of 
><gh> with <h> in the Late register of the SWF. Here are a few 
>SWF/MF bogh    'cheek'                  =>           SWF/LF boh
>SWF/MF flogh    'child'                   =>           SWF/LF floh
>SWF/MF bregh   'arm'                     =>           SWF/LF breh
>SWF/MF dhywgh 'to-you'             =>           SWF/LF dhewh ~ dewh
>SWF/MF forgh                                   =>           SWF/LF vorh
>What do you think?

I think we cannot touch all topics at once. :-)

However, I don't like this suggestion, because final <gh> can easily 
be an umbrella graph for [x] and [h]. There's no advantage to having 
this additional variety in spelling. That is, -gh is not a problem to 
Michael Everson * http://www.evertype.com

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