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To be precise, Jooan Chei a Horr (BM Add. MS 28,554: ff.128-9) is in John
Boson's hand. So John Boson's spelling.Jon

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  I am sorry you don't like <chei>. Nicholas Boson didn't mind it:
  Dean ha Bennen en Tellar creiez chei an Horrha uor an diuath ea reeg
  thoas da chei TeeackKomeer weeth na Raw’y Ostia en chei lebma vo
  dean koath Demithez da Bennen Younk.
  Ironically enough <kei> 'dog' is attested but SWF (< KK) ki is not.
  In MC the word is spelt ky.Similarly chy is common and is attested
  over 60 times. SWF chi (< KK) occurs once:
  citesens gans an an syns, ha ran an chi a thu, ha buldyys owgh war an
  fondacion an abosteleth, han prophettys TH 33.

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