[Spellyans] <y Y> + diacritical

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Wed Jun 25 13:24:57 BST 2008

At 12:01 +0000 2008-06-25, Jon Mills wrote:
>Why do you need to orthographically distinguish words with the 
>bys/bes-alternation from those without?

So that learners and readers of one dialect can recognize those words 
written in the other dialect.

We already do exactly the same thing with pre-occlusion. We allow 
pre-occluders to write <bm> and <dn> and we allow non-pre-occluders 
to write <mm> and <nn>. And we restrict the use of <mm> and <nn> to 
words which may pre-occlude so that pre-occluding readers will not 
mispronounce words with short vowels but no pre-occlusion.

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