[Spellyans] Use of diacritics

Terry teli7777 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 16:51:31 BST 2008

Michael is right about the y-diaeresis. There is no reason that PC users 
should have a problem with y-diaeresis. All you have to do is hold down 
the alt key and type 0255 on the numeric keypad. If that's too 
complicated MSWord allows you to assign keystrokes in the insert 
function and there are even free add ons such as  Uniqoder which make it 
even easier.  As far as the new portable phones etc. there is no way to 
provide for the limitations of every new device. The only problem I see 
with a diaeresis is that some people can't abide diacritics and some 
devices don't support them. I would imagine that in private 
communications the diacritics would be left off anyway.

Adding the diacritic to disambiguate forms will make things much easier 
for the learner.

Terry Corbett

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