[Spellyans] Use of diacritics

Koumanonff koumanonff at orange.fr
Wed Jun 25 17:45:46 BST 2008

In Breton we use <n~> alies. With MSWord, I've assigned <n~> to <$> and 
<N~> to <?>. That's easy for Europeans of the UE, for sure, as we don't 
need <$> and <?> so often ;-) .
Some don't bother and write <n> when they type on modern devices.


Skrivet eo bet gant Terry:
> Michael is right about the y-diaeresis. There is no reason that PC users 
> should have a problem with y-diaeresis. All you have to do is hold down 
> the alt key and type 0255 on the numeric keypad. If that's too 
> complicated MSWord allows you to assign keystrokes in the insert 
> function and there are even free add ons such as  Uniqoder which make it 
> even easier.  As far as the new portable phones etc. there is no way to 
> provide for the limitations of every new device. The only problem I see 
> with a diaeresis is that some people can't abide diacritics and some 
> devices don't support them. I would imagine that in private 
> communications the diacritics would be left off anyway.
> Adding the diacritic to disambiguate forms will make things much easier 
> for the learner.
> Terry Corbett
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