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I wrote that "each grapheme can be realised by several phones."

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> Or "some graphemes"; it would normally not apply to all of them.

Or really? Which phonemes of English (for example) are never realised by several phones?

> Minimal contrast is not the only way of establishing them;

How else do you intend to determine the phonemes of Cornish?

> and we do
> have two dialects of Revived Cornish already, and we know quite a lot
> about both of them and about the influence of English on them.

I am not talking about dialectal variation.

> I hope you are not suggesting that KS will be "a mess". For my part,
> I believe that KS will be a useful practical orthography. It should
> lead learners to better pronunciation, and offer teachers better
> tools to help learners achieve that.

My post was not intended to be an attack. I am merely trying to point out what I consider to be an important weakness in the underlying theory. Since my article in Cornish Studies 7, various people have shied away from the term 'phonemic'. However labelling KS or the SWF 'phonetic' does not solve the issue.

Dr. Jon Mills,
School of European Culture and Languages,
University of Kent

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