[Spellyans] <y Y> + diacritical

A. J. Trim ajtrim at msn.com
Fri Jun 27 15:02:23 BST 2008


I have managed to unlock the PDF document that I previously posted.
It shows square boxes for <ë> and <ÿ> after transmission by e-mail.

Document locking  during PDF creation has been set up on my laptop as an 
automatic security feature.
It was not designed for this kind of collaboration.
However, it is useful because what you see is what you get, and you can be 
more sure that nothing has changed in transmission.

I had to unlock this on a different computer.
When I did, a log file was produced -- both files attached.

What does this mean for our use of diacritical marks? I'm not sure.

I think we are OK as far as people writing text is concerned. Users will 
find a way that works for them, and printing should not be a problem.

I think that we must accept that electronic transmission of diacritical 
marks may produce unexpected odd results from time to time. Angle brackets 
can do that too.

Users of other languages must have had this problem. Do they ignore it or do 
they have a solution? Are we doing something wrong?


Andrew J. Trim

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> At 10:18 +0100 2008-06-26, A. J. Trim wrote:
>>Most of the problems that I have seen regarding
>>diacritical marks have been  caused during
>>e-mail. Please see my PDF file that I posted
>>yesterday. It  shows e-mail failure for e and y
>>with the dieresis.
> It shows that Steve Tinney's e-mail client took
> the ë and ÿ which I sent out and converted it
> into another encoding; perhaps UTF-8 or UTF-16? I
> know that I received them on my non-Unicode
> e-mail client as question marks. You received
> them as boxes. Because you had locked the PDF, I
> was unable to select the character and find out
> what you had received.
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