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At 11:14 -0400 2008-06-27, stinney at sas.upenn.edu wrote:

>  > I wonder if Jenner should be reprinted.
>Perhaps, though the PDF is quite readable.

Not nearly as nice as a book. ;-)

>A facsimile reprint of Lhuyd would be a Great Good, I think.  It 
>would just need someone who is willing to sacrifice an original, or 
>who could contribute an original whose binding is already in poor 

I wouldn't sacrifice my original... it needs rebinding not because 
the spine or stitching is in bad shape, but because it was re-bound 
in 1955 in an icky university leatherette.

Now that Unicode has all of Lhuyd's characters, however, the book 
could be re-published verbatim if it were keyed in. (Though one might 
have to choose whether to preserve the long s or not as it often 
interferes with reading for most modern readers.)
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