[Spellyans] SWF principles

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Fri Jun 27 20:07:32 BST 2008

At 12:48 -0600 2008-06-27, Terry Corbett wrote:
>Indeed the whole "principle "3. Accuracy - The SWF should reflect 
>the pronunciation of both traditional and Revived Cornish." seems 
>very vague. If it is trying to say that KK pronunciation has to been 
>included even though few actually pronounce Cornish that way it 
>needs to be more specific. Otherwise I don't see the need for 
>"principle 3".

To me it means we should ensure that the orthography gives enough 
information that the reader (who learns the rules or can look them up 
while learning) can work out how to pronounce a word correctly modulo 
his preferred dialect.
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