[Spellyans] kist, Crist

Craig Weatherhill weatherhill at freenet.co.uk
Sun Jun 29 08:45:53 BST 2008

My point entirely, Nicholas.  It is utterly confusing, especially to 
those poor people who will be attempting to learn the language.  Surely, 
it would have made much more sense to reserve y for the short vowel (and 
in final position) and i for the long one.  Nice and easy for all, and 
could have been learned easily and with confidence.  I thought that KK 
did this, but examination of George's dictionary shows that this isn't 
the case at all.  It's just as confusingly inconsistent there, as well.


nicholas williams wrote:
> Dan's dictionary gives kist 'box, chest' and gives the pronunciation  
> [kIst] i.e. a short i spelt <i>.
> On the other hand Dan's dictionary gives Krist, Crist 'Christ' and  
> gives the pronunciation [kri:st].
> Other words with <ist> and a long vowel are trist 'sad' and jist  
> 'joist'. Should kist not be kyst?
> Nicholas
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