[Spellyans] <ay> ~ <ai> in KS = <ay> in SWF

nicholas williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 14:33:05 BST 2008

In KS we sensibly distinguish <ai> [E:] from <ay> [ai].
The SWF has decided that only <ay> is to be used. Thus in Dan's  
dictionary we

Almayn [almaIn]
mayn [maIn] + [mE:n]
chayn [tSaIn] + [tSE:n]
playn [plaIn] + [plE:n] 'carpenter's plane'
but plen 'plain' (adj) and 'playing place, plain' as [ple:n].

But surely playn 'plane' and plen 'plain' have the same vowel.
They are, after all, the same word < Latin planus 'level'.

There seems to be confusion here in the SWF which needs to be sorted  

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