[Spellyans] <ay> ~ <ai> in KS = <ay> in SWF

Craig Weatherhill weatherhill at freenet.co.uk
Mon Jun 30 17:50:33 BST 2008

Yes, of course they are the same word.  There is no confusion in the 
SWF, just lack of thought probably due to the fact that the entire thing 
was such a rush job.  For any job to be done properly, it takes the time 
that it takes.  That is why KS was so good.  A lot of time, thought, 
discussion, checking and rechecking was done, and achieved an excellent 
result that its enemies (and those influenced by them) totally and 
unforgivably ignored.

A rush job is a bodged job, and there is no way of ever avoiding that 
result.  As a result, we have to form this Spellyans forum to sort out 
what should have been properly assessed then.  And wasn't.


nicholas williams wrote:
> In KS we sensibly distinguish <ai> [E:] from <ay> [ai]. 
> The SWF has decided that only <ay> is to be used. Thus in Dan's 
> dictionary we
> find:
> Almayn [almaIn]
> mayn [maIn] + [mE:n]
> chayn [tSaIn] + [tSE:n]
> playn [plaIn] + [plE:n] 'carpenter's plane'
> but plen 'plain' (adj) and 'playing place, plain' as [ple:n].
> But surely playn 'plane' and plen 'plain' have the same vowel.
> They are, after all, the same word < Latin planus 'level'.
> There seems to be confusion here in the SWF which needs to be sorted out.
> Nicholas
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