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Yes, I think you have it about right in KS, regarding <i> and <y>, though I'm still not sure about bÿs/bës words.

Why are despit and constrin quoted as exceptions? Surely, these have stressed <i> = [i:], and so are regular.
I would also expect [I@] and [i:@] to be <ia> (e.g. fia "to flee"), and [ja] to be <ya>(e.g. redya "to read") and I would expect final <-y>, e.g. tyby "to suppose", chy "house".

Initial <i> would be OK but there are exceptions (e.g. yw "is", y "his", yma/ymons, ytho). These will need to be in a very short list else they will need to be predictable -- "function" word is too vague a term.
What happens when a word starts with <gy-> or <gi-> under soft mutation? Does it become <y-> or <i-> respectively, or do they all become <i->?
How do we know whether yn gwir is "truly" (with missing mutation) or in gwir "in truth", and does "in truth" mean "truly" anyway?
I can live with it, if that is what you want to do, but I think that I would prefer not to have this initial <i> rule. It appears to be cosmetic only and without function.


Andrew J. Trim

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KS uses y for [I] everywhere except 
in derivatives of monosyllables in <i>, e.g. gwir, gwiryoneth; tir, tiryow
and also where a final long i occurs in a stressed syllable despit, constrin.
initially, e.g. istyna, inclynya, in, indella, etc.
yn adverbial is distinguished from in 'in': yn tâ but in gwir.


On 30 Jun 2008, at 18:16, Terry Corbett wrote:

  Since we have a [I] pronunciation we should use a < y >.


  On Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 9:42 AM, A. J. Trim <ajtrim at msn.com> wrote:


    Either make the choice between <i> and <y> simple and consistent or say that either may be used optionally anywhere, or discard one and just use the other.
    Please don't leave us with the current unpredictable mishmash.

    By the way, what is Cornish for "mishmash"? ... deray, perhaps ... or dere, or derai?


    Andrew J. Trim

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