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The basic text is poor quality with or without transliteration.

neb a dheuth ha bos an kensa Duk Kernow > neb a veu kensa Duk Kernow  
(or an kensa Duk a Gernow). A noun dependent on a proper noun is by  
nature itself definite.

y fedha hengovek dhe deuluyow dhe "it was traditional for families to"  
is an obvious Anglicism. It would have been better to say:  Dre lies  
bledhen yth o ûsadow teyluyow...

an Dhugeth Kernow > Dugeth Kernow (or better Ducheth Kernow). The word  
for 'duke' is always duk, Duk in Cornish and is borrowed from ME or  
French. It is not *Dug.


On 20 Oct 2008, at 10:40, Jon Mills wrote:

> Andrew,
> Why do you think that "Treylyans" (http://www.skodhya.org.uk/treylyans.htm 
> ) "is likely to yield poor quality results"? Have you observed that  
> this software produces erroneous transliterations?
> Jon

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