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You may also be interested in "Treylyans", http://www.skodhya.org.uk/treylyans.htm.

I believe that this kind of software will be useful but, currently, it is likely to yield poor quality results.
Can anyone on this forum quantify this concern?
Do we consider this software to be usable yet?

The danger is that people will continue with their chosen orthographies rather than switching to the SWF.
They will use this software to convert their output to SWF so that their work will be officially acceptable.
Much SWF is likely to be poor quality as a result.

What do you folks, on this forum, think?
Is it better to write in the orthography that you "know", and rely on machine conversion to the SWF, or is it better to try to write in the SWF - baring in mind that there is currently no SWF dictionary or grammar book? Or is it better to ignore the SWF for now?

By the way, what is happening on the KS front? This group has gone to sleep! Have we completed our discussions on Cornish spelling or do we still have issues to discuss? What is the next stage?


Andrew J. Trim
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