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Gromercy dhys a Nicholas,

The more I look at the historical texts the more I realise that Nance  
had very good reasons for making the decisions that he made.

It is clear now that he used only 'th' finally because the yorgh  
finally was rare.

For those of us that prefer to write keeping to the most commonly  
found spelling rules of the scribes it seems logical to drop final  
'dh' and perhaps show when it occurs with a diacritical mark or  
accent, if we wish.

Changing from 'th' to 'dh' can cause problems;  final 'th' stops  
mutation of t, c/k, p and d, if we substitute 'dh' we should write,  
for example, 'fordh goth' instead of 'forth coth'.  To me it seems  
incorrect that an arbitrary decision to use either 'th' or 'dh' can  
affect the the way in which mutation is applied.

On 20 Hed 2008, at 09:42, nicholas williams wrote:

> Yogh is not uncommon in final position the Charter Fragment (<3> for  
> yogh):
> golsoug ty cowe3
> by3 na bor3 me3
> ha ty a vy3 hy
> hy a vy3 gwreg ty da
> an bar3 ma 3e pons tamar
> my ad pes worty by3 da
> ag ol 3e vo3 hy a wra.
> In PA one finds:
> deso benyn yn me3a PA 198c which is for 'Deso, benyn,' yn me3 a 'To  
> thee, woman,' he said.
> But yogh in final position is rare in PA and unknown in the BM,  
> Ordinalia, BK and Tregear.
> Nicholas
> On 20 Oct 2008, at 09:04, Michael Everson wrote:
>> Yogh seems to be used initially and medially.
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