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Thanks for correcting my misconception, and with examples.
I was led to believe that the non inflection after "and" was a rigid rule of Cornish grammar.
I hope that any new grammar book will make the authentic situation clear.

I agree that it would be better to inflect all verbs. Full inflection would make text easier to understand.

Should this also apply to verbs in indirect statements, i.e. those that in English start with an optional "that" following a main verb?
Some grammar books suggest an infinitive construction using dhe and a possessive construction using bos.
I'm sorry if this is a little off topic. It's nothing to do with spelling.


Andrew J. Trim

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The rule that following verbs are expressed by the verbal noun after the first inflected verb is not observed in Tregear or later Cornish: 

Jhesus angorrybys hag a leverys thotha, in delma TH 20a
Eff a rug anella war y abosteleth hag a leveris TH 36
ha in tyrmyn na eff a gemeras bara in y thewla, hag a leueris grace, haga rug y dyrry han ros thy disciplis, haga leuerris Kemerogh, debbrogh TH 52
ha ev a gyzyuaz, ha e glywaz an manah laveral JCH
Hi a gomeras Radn an Haze anothe, ha rooge debre; ha a Rowze radne tha e Goore goshe Rowe

It is by no means universal in Middle Cornish either:

my a'th worth gans ol ov nel 
y'm colon pur trewysy
hag a offryn thy's whare
warbarth ol ov gvyr thege OM 510-13

thotho eff agen gelwys 
ha thynny a comondyas
doys oll dotho the amma BM 4428-30.

I prefer in prose to inflect all verbs.


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  In the case of your example,  i.e. "He was a very likeable young man and became our friend." the verb after "and" need not be inflected if the "becoming" was contemporaneous with the "likeability" as the subject is the same. As I understand it, it should be inflected if the "becoming" was some time later.


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