[Spellyans] SWF questionable wordforms

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Wed Sep 17 14:26:58 IST 2008

On 17 Sep 2008, at 09:49, nicholas williams wrote:

> But note he also writes <faladov> at BM 812 & 1820 and faladov  
> occurs at BK 20.
> The spelling <falladow> occurs 25 times in the Ordinalia, BK and CW.
> Jordan writes <falladowe> five times.
> If we were going by attestation we would write <falladow> not  
> <faladow>.

The thing is that this rule in the SWF is pretty bogus, and is there  
(in my opinion) simply because of a confusion amongst KK users about  
the meaning of double consonants as George intended them on the one  
hand and as KK users actually realize them on the other.

In UC, UCR, and KS, vowels in polysyllables are short (if they are not  
we mark them in KS). So for us, it makes no difference whether we  
write <falladow> or <faladow>: both are pronounced *identically* in KS.

Is there a morphological reason for choosing fall- vs fal-?

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