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On 9 Apr 2009, at 13:55, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

> Kenneth Jackson in LHEB cites Modern Cornish gour aside gavar for  
> “goat” which is reminiscent of the Modern Breton gaor. Can anyone  
> tell me where it’s attested? Thanks.

Lhuyd 240b
dhɐrt gụdra an devaz han goụr 'From milking the Sheep and the  
-- note dots, as though gwdra and gowr

Borlase 1769:
Gavar, a goat [Ar. gaor, id.); Pl. Goûr; gever, a She-Goat; Cott.  
bock, a He-Goat. Ib.
-- Borlase has gever as a feminine?

Pryce 1790:
†GAVAR, a goat; pl. Gever, Gour: gavar mor, a lobster; or rather, a  
segar, or long oyster;—so called from its long horns. Gavar igans,  
twenty goats.

Jago 1887:
GOAT, s. Gaver, gavar, P.; gueffer, B.; lill, W. Pl. gever, W.; gour,  
gever, P.
-- P. is Archæologia Cornu-Britannicum, W. is Lexicon Cornu- 
Britannicum, B. is Borlase's Cornish Vocabulary.

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