[Spellyans] Memorial to the Prayer Book Rebellion of 1549

Craig Weatherhill craig at agantavas.org
Wed Aug 12 10:37:39 IST 2009

Exactly - it was an uprising. A 'rebellion' can only take place  
against a legitimate authority.  Just 41 years previously, the Charter  
of Pardon issued by Henry VII gave the Cornish Parliament the power of  
veto over Acts of the Westminster Parliament.  Cranmer's Act of  
Uniformity was forcibly imposed and trampled all over those rights.   
The Cornish veto was actually published in the form of the Articles of  
Demand sent from Castle Canyke and were ignored - an act that removed  
the legitimacy of the London Authorities.  I've actually researched  
and written a lengthy account of the whole event, intended to be part  
of a book giving true (and not politically distorted) accounts of  
several events in Cornish history.  These will include the non- 
conquest of Cornwall by the Wessex kings and a new account of the  
Spanish Raid of 1595, using the Spanish captain's own report, rather  
than the third-hand account given by Carew..


On 11 Est 2009, at 19:50, Ray Chubb wrote:

> Glasney was not sold off and dismantled at the time of the  
> dissolution of the monasteries.  This was done at the time of the  
> Prayer Book Uprising.  It was almost as if the authorities wanted to  
> wipe the Cornish and their language off the face of the earth.  No  
> wonder there was an uprising.  I refuse to call a fight for human  
> rights a rebellion.
> Read:   The History of Glasney College by James Whetter ISBN  
> 0-907018-42-4
> On 11 Est 2009, at 15:02, Craig Weatherhill wrote:
>>> The Prayer Book Rebellion in 1549 under Edward VI was quite a  
>>> different matter from the dissolution of the monasteries and  
>>> religious houses under Henry VIII and it is curious that the two  
>>> events have been confused in this memorial.
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