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The question is whether the speakers of Cornish thought tycky Duw
to be a compound or not.
There are similar formations in Irish that can pluralise either the  
first or the second
The Irish for 'wolf' is mac tíre 'son of land'. The natural plural is  
mic tíre 'sons of land'
yet mactírí is also attested.
Similarly earc luachra 'creature of rushes' means 'lizard' and is  
pluralised as earca luachra.
A form each luachra also occurs and this has a plural eachluachraí,  
which I have heard.

The Irish for 'ladybird' is bóín Dé 'God's little cow' and the plural  
is bóíní Dé 'God's little cows'.

Since we have no evidence for tycky Duw it seems legitimate to me to  
opt for either
tyckyas Duw or tycky Dewas.


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