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Hello Herbie, 

I haven’t said “hi” since you joined, so here’s a belated “hi”!

In addition to what you said, German does have a lot of grammar and
orthographic rules, but there is variation, between German, Austrian and
Swiss Standard German, as well as standardised differences between North and
South. But German is also a language of immense dialectal diversity and
colloquial variation. And don’t forget your “umlauts” ;-) it’s
<Geschirrrückgabe> (which my Austrian-German Word spell-checker lists as



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Don't forget though that German is a natural language, but has very strict
rules, that are carried out to the letter - I was working in Frankfurt and
witnessed the new rule that came in governing compound words, where the
first finishes in -rr, and the second starts r-. The original rule said that
all letters were retained, but the new rule said that in the case above, one
r was lost. Overnight the Lufthansa cantene changed the 'tray-return' sign
from 'Geschirrruckgabe' to 'Geschirruckgabe'. Impressive, but a bit OTT. No?





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