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Mon Feb 2 07:42:35 GMT 2009

When in Lostwithiel on Saturday last for the Keskusulyans
I saw a notice bearing the legend in the SWF and in English:

Megi difennys - No smoking.

In the Cornish the vowel <i> in Megi and in
difennys have the same value as the <y> in difennys.
So 'to smoke' is megi but, say, 'smoked salmon'
in the SWF would be sowmen megys. Why
does the SWF use different vowels for the same sound?
Presumably because KK did and KK was based on
Breton. But in Breton the pronounciation of
-iñ of the verbal noun and -et of the verbal adjective
are very different. In Cornish they have the same vowel: [I].
Shouldn't the SWF really write:
megi, megis, difennis or megy, megys, dyfennys?
The second series are the spellings of KS.

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