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I have recently collected the following examples of the adverbial  
forms of the days of the week from the texts:

Dewsull blegyow PA 27a; Dezil  AB: 54c; De Zil JBoson; Dezil Gwavas  
MS ; da zeel JTonkin  [KS De Sul/De Zul]

De lîn  AB: 54c [KS De Lun]

De [or Dedh] Merh AB: 28c; De merh: AB: 54c [KS De Merth]

dumerher BM 2254; De marhar AB: 54c  [KS De Merher]

deyow hablys PA 41c; duyow hamlos PC 654; deth yov BM 1472; deyow BM  
3159; deow habblys SA 66; De Ieu AB: 54c [KS De Yow]

dugwener BM 120; Du guener BM 4316; du guener BM 4318, 4321, 4420; De  
guenar AB: 54c  [KS De Gwener]

De Zadarn AB: 54c [KS De Sadorn/De Zadorn].

In the light of the above it seems odd that in Dan’s SWF dictionary  
the first element in all
is <dy’> rather than the attested <de> or <du, dew>.
There is, as far as I can see, no warrant at all for a spelling with  
nor is there any justification for the apostrophe.
We must assume that the inauthentic spellings with <dy’> have been  
taken holus bolus from the “etymological” spellings of KK.
One can only hope that these items will be revised in the SWF after  
five years.

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