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Tue Feb 3 12:11:39 GMT 2009

I notice that the Gerlyvrik for 'pension' has the term
GOBER-OMDENNANS. With the hyphen this looks
as though it should mean something like 'withdrawing/retiring with  
Of course it actually means gober 'payment' + omdennans 'retirement'  
'retirement pension', The hyphen is misleading.
The term is also inaccurate. Widows who have never worked may
get a widow's pension and people have also in the past been given
civil list pensions, which have nothing to do with retirement.
Furthermore gober is money paid as a reward for labour, so
gober omdennans might more naturally be
taken as 'reward for retiring'.

A pension is money which is paid out regularly and only recently
has the word come to mean 'retirement pension', since other
regular payments are now called 'benefits' or 'allowances'.

The Cornish word for pension is attested:

Wh(are) y s(or)ras Iudas
ny gewsy dre geryte
(lemen) rag cafos ran vras
an pencon mar a calle

'Immediately Judas got angry,
he was not speaking through charity
but to get a large portion
of the pension/payment if he could' PA 38 ab.

In my dictionary I call a retirement pension
pensyon omden. In KS this would be pencyon omden.


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