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As I said, I agree that Late Cornish as attested by Lhuyd (1707) makes a
phonemic distinction between /θ/ and / ð/. However there seems to be
no direct evidence on way or the other with regard to Middle Cornish.Jon

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  Lhuyd writes: po kotha Lavar an Enez-ma 'or the older speech of this
  island' AB: 222. He also writes hui dho Kodha 'that you fall' AB:
  250a.It certainly looks as though Lhuyd distinguished intervocalic
  [T] from intervocalic [D]. I cannot believe he was simply basing
  himself on Welshin these items, since coth is not the Welsh for
  'old', although cwyddo 'fall' is common.So we have a minimal pair
  kotha ~ kodha. 
  There is therefore a prima facie case for th ~ dh medially. Can those
  who deny the distinction in medial position prove their assertion?
  I should like to see them do so. Suspicions and doubts are not
  enough. Proof please.

  On 4 Feb 2009, at 15:53, Hewitt, Stephen wrote:

    but I am certain that this is a serious linguistic question about
    the phoneme inventory of Cornish from at least BM on.

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