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Jon Mills j.mills at email.com
Wed Feb 4 16:51:29 GMT 2009

Nicholas Williams wrote:
> But earlier today you wrote: "I am not convinced that  / θ/ and /ð/  
> are separate phonemes of Cornish"
> What exactly are you claiming, Jon? You appear to be saying different  
> things at different times.

When I wrote "I am not convinced that  /θ/ and /ð/ are separate phonemes of Cornish", I was referring to Middle Cornish.

Nicholas Williams wrote:
> If the two were phonemically distinct ca 1700, they were almost  
> certainly distinct before that, i.e. in Middle Cornish.

Languages change. How can you possibly assert that /θ/ and /ð/ were "certainly distinct" in the Middle Cornish period. Maybe they were; maybe they were not.
Dr. Jon Mills,
School of European Culture and Languages,
University of Kent

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