[Spellyans] The Cornish for All Saints' Day

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This (1572) is the first attestation of the word Kernowek and it has - 
ow- in the stressed syllable.
All later examples have either -ow- or -û-.
Nance's Kernewek was taken from R. Williams' Cernewek and is unattested.
I suspect that the West Welsh (Cornish) called their language
Brethonek < *Britannika, until the influx of Bretons after the Norman  
Then a name for their own speech became necessary, so they
called it Kernowek/Kernewek < Kornowika.


On 5 Feb 2009, at 11:53, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

> whore and whore bitch in English and not in Cornowok.

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