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I concur with Craig wholeheartedly on the "allan" apple ... it was always
the case when I was younger and had the teeth to chew on one.. :-))

On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 2:18 PM, nicholas williams <njawilliams at gmail.com>wrote:

>  Holl for 'all' prefixed to the noun is very common in Tregear.
> It also occurs in
>  Me ell mose dur an hole country
> Gen Tubmas peeber ha e thean
> in the Bilbao MS.
> It might looks as though the Cornish word oll 'all'  has been contaminated
> by English 'whole'; but holl- is also attested as prefix in Welsh, e.g. Duw
> Hollalluog 'Almighty God', so holl- here is probably authentic, although
> the root is oll-; cf. Irish ule, uile.
> Hollsens clearly means 'all the saints' and is a collective rather than a
> simple plural, though
> it is plural in form. Geiriadur Pryfysgol gives Welsh Hollsaint as one word
> and glosses it in English
> 'all saints, the saints in heaven collectively'.
> The Cornish Hollsens is the exact equivalent.
> In Dan's dictionary Ollsens should, perhaps, be emended to Hollsens and
> placed under H.
> It would also probably be better to describe it as coll. rather than pl.
> There is a difference between
> Calan Gwav, de Halan Gwav 'the first of November, the beginning of the
> pagan Celtic winter'; cf. W Calan Gaeaf
> and Degol an Hollsens, Welsh Gwyl yr Hollsaint 'the Christian festival of
> All Saints'.
> Nicholas
>  On 5 Feb 2009, at 13:37, Jon Mills wrote:
>  Why do you think this form has initial <h>? Is it OLL + SENS? Or is it
> something else: HOL + SENS?
> And why did Tregear not simply write, "in cummunyon an sens" ?
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