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  On 5 Whe 2009, at 14:18, nicholas williams wrote:

    It might looks as though the Cornish word oll 'all'  has been contaminated
    by English 'whole'; but holl- is also attested as prefix in Welsh, e.g. Duw Hollalluog 'Almighty God', so holl- here is probably authentic, although
    the root is oll-; cf. Irish ule, uile.

  Indeed, in Welsh we find:
  oll, adv, all, wholly
  holl, adj. all, whole
  holl-, prefix. al-, all-, omni-

  Interestingly, in Scots Gaelic we find the cognate form both with and without < h- >
  uile, adj. all
  na h-uile, adj.. every
  a h-uile duine. everyone
  uil-, uile-, prefix. al-, all-, omni-

  There's a pattern of epenthetic < h- > found elsewhere in S.G., such as
  àraidh. special

  gu h-àraidh. especially

  Could the role of the < h- > likewise be epenthetic in Welsh and Cornish?

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