[Spellyans] the pronunciation of <hegar>

Daniel Prohaska daniel at ryan-prohaska.com
Mon Feb 9 12:40:07 GMT 2009

In his Gerlyvrik Ken George gives the pronunciation of hegar amiable, kindly
as (X-SAMPA) [hE"ga:r], i.e. with stress on the second syllable. I'm not
sure whether this ought to be the recommended or aspired pronunciation. The
compound with the prefix he- (< Proto-Celtic *su- < PIE *h1su 'good') seems
to be old, probably predating the accent shift. Breton and Welsh have the
cognates W hygar and B hegar, both stressed on the first syllable (except
Gwenedeg?). I should think that C hegar ought to be transcribed ["hEgar] (or
for those who follow KK rules: ["hE:\gar]). I'd be grateful for opinions on
the matter.


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