[Spellyans] 'to prepare'

nicholas williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 12:04:32 GMT 2009

In Dan's dictionary the word for 'to prepare' is spelt <pareusi>.  
There is no warrant for this in the texts, since one would
expect <eu> to unround to <e> and there are no exx. of *paresy or  
anything like it.

The forms are

parusy x 1
parusys x 3
parusugh x 4
omparusen x 1.

We can assume that the <u> here represents [y]. And this is corroborated
by parusse BM 3122, the comparative of parys 'prepared, ready'.

I think the word should be spelt <parusi>, <parusy>.

Preparya 'to prepare' is attested x 4 and preparar 'preparer' x 1.


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