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Tue Feb 10 13:08:31 GMT 2009

Nicholas wheg, 

Meur ras dhis anodho. Spellings with <hedre> are still more frequent and I
think this would make a good compromise solution with the UCR and UC/KK
forms. The pronunciation is the same, though Ken George gives ["hEdra] in
the Gerlyvrik. I must say he responded very kindly to me when I told him
about my thoughts as to the pronunciation of <hegar>.




From: nicholas williams
Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2009 9:32 AM


I believe that the UCR spelling should be used. There are examples of hadre
in the texts,

but the word division makes them difficult to find:


yma pub ower ow cressya yn bysma ha drevon bew CW 1258-59

par dell osta arluth creif ha drevon omma yn byes CW 1424-25

in bysma heb falladowe ha drevone bewe CW 2108-9.





On 10 Feb 2009, at 01:06, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

I'm unable to find a single instance of UCR <hadre> or KK/UC <hedra> in the
Middle Cornish corpus


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