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> ===
> "Adro dhe'n Bÿs in Peswar Ugans Dëdh" dyllys in Kernowek
> Yma Evertype ow notya gans hebma aga versyon Kernowek, cot'hes rag
> descoryon ha rag redyoryon yonk, a lyver Jules Verne, "Adro dhe'n Bÿs in
> Peswar Ugans Dëdh". An lyver-ma re beu trailys dhe lies tavas dyvers abàn
> veu dyllys in Frynkek dhe'n kensa prës i'n vledhen 1873. Trailyer an versyon
> Kernowek, Kaspar Hocking, a veu genys in Loundres in mis Genver 1913, le
> mayth esa y sîra owth obery i'n Amyralta, wosa gasa Arwennek in dyweth an
> ugansves cansvledhen. Kaspar a studhyas biologyeth in Coljy Imperyal,
> Loundres, hag a lavuryas dres deg bledhen warn ugans avell entomologyth in
> Ëst-Africa (Tanganyika, Ûganda, ha Kenya). Ev a omdennas dhe Bolwhevrer,
> Kernow, in 1969. An tavas Kernowek yw a les dhodho dhyworth an vledhen 1989,
> pàn inias y vergh, Vanessa Beeman, warnodho dos gensy dhe glassys i'n tavas.
> Kaspar ha Vanessa aga dew a veu degemerys avell Berdh a Orseth Kernow in
> 1993. Vanessa a veu dewysys Canas Bardh Meur in 2003 ha Bardh Meur wàr an
> dyweth i'n vledhen in 2006. Kaspar yw esel inwedh a Drest Bêwnans Gwyls
> Kernow ha re beu Caderyer an Consel, ha wosa henna, Lewyth an trest. Ev o
> Caderyer Agan Tavas dhia 1996 dhe 1998.
> Yma an lyver screfys i'n spellyans gelwys Kernowek Standard. Hèn yw pòr
> ogas dhe lytherednans an Furv Savonek Scrifys, an spellyans unverhes rag
> ûsadow i'n bêwnans poblek hag i'n scolyow. Saw nebes fowtys bian i'n Furv
> Savonek Scrifys re beu emendys in Kernowek Standard, hag yma toknys
> diacrytek ûsys ino kefrës dhe dhysqwedhes an dyffrans inter geryow spellys
> in kepar maner, bò dhe verkya vogalednow a vëdh leverys in fordhow dyffrans.
> Pynag oll a allo redya an Furv Savonek Scrifys a yllvyth redya an versyon-ma
> heb ancombrynsy vëth.
> I'n lyver Kernowek-ma y fëdh gwelys moy es deg warn ugans a'n delinyansow
> gwrës gans an artystyon gerys dâ Alphonse-Marie de Neuville ha Léon Benett
> rag an kensa dyllans Frynkek. An lyver-ma re beu olsettys ha dyllys gans
> Evertype, Cathair na Mart, Wordhen.
> Y hyll cafos copiow a'n lyver dhyworth Amazon.co.uk. dhyworth Amazon.com,
> bò dhyworth Spyrys a Gernow, pellgowser 01209 842394, e-mail
> shoppa at spyrys.org. Gweler http://www.evertype.com/books/adro-dhen-bys.html
> ===
> "Around the World in Eighty Days" published in Cornish
> Evertype announces the publication of a translation, abridged for learners
> and younger readers, into the Cornish language of "Around the World in
> Eighty Days" by Jules Verne. The book has been translated into many
> languages. The translator, The translator, Kaspar Hocking, was born in
> January 1913 in London, where his father worked in the Admiralty, after
> leaving Falmouth for work at the beginning of the twentieth century. Kaspar
> studied biology at Imperial College in London and worked for 30 years as an
> entomologist in East Africa (Tanganyika, Uganda, and Kenya), retiring in
> Polwheveral in 1969. He has taken in interest in the Cornish language since
> 1989, when his daughter, Vanessa Beeman, persuaded him to classes with her
> to learn the language. Both Kaspar and Vanessa were made Bards of the
> Cornish Gorseth in 1993, with Vanessa eventually becoming Deputy Grand Bard
> in 2003 and Grand Bard in 2006. Kaspar has also been involved with the
> Cornwall Wildlife Trust both as Chairman of the Council, then President. He
> was also Chairman of Agan Tavas from 1996 to 1998.
> This book is written in the spelling called Kernowek Standard. It is very
> close to the orthography of the new Standard Written Form, the consensual
> spelling for use in public life and schools, except that some small errors
> in the Standard Written Form have been amended in this spelling, and
> diacritical marks are also used to show the differences between homonyms or
> to indicate vowels which are pronounced in different ways. Anyone who can
> read the Standard Written Form will be able to read this version without any
> difficulty.
> This new book contains more than 30 of the famous illustrations of
> Alphonse-Marie de Neuville ha Léon Benett, which first appeared in the
> original French edition in 1873. The book was typeset and published by
> Evertype of Co. Mayo, Ireland.
> Copies may be obtained from Amazon.co.uk, from Amazon.com, or from Spyrys
> a Gernow, tel. 01209 842394, e-mail shoppa at spyrys.org. See
> http://www.evertype.com/books/adro-dhen-bys.html
> =====
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