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I can't think of any verb for which there is a distinction in Welsh.

In Breton, there is normally no distinction. However, in Leon (NW of Breton-speaking area) 2pl used to be -it, but is increasingly -oc'h (probably through analogy with other tenses); but for the imperative, it is only -it, never -oc'h, so in those dialects there is now a stable distinction between present 2 pl -oc'h and imperative -it.

Steve Hewitt

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On 17 Whe 2009, at 16:42, Eddie Climo wrote:

> As far as I recall, this distinction between 2p.pl. indicative and  
> imperative is not made in French, Spanish or German, nor more  
> relevantly perhaps in Welsh or Scots Gaelic.

My knowledge of Welsh is limited but it appeared from the Welsh  
grammar that I have that the distinction is made for certain verbs.

Ray Chubb


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