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Meur ras dhis, Nicholas, 

I go with <gosteyth> and <gosteythter>. This seems most plausible to me. I have other instances in the dictionary where I give unstressed <ey> as [ə], such as <teyrgweyth> [ˈtɛɪrgwəθ] (SAMPA [“tEIrgw at T])., so this will be the form I will put in the dictionary. Maybe [ə] ought to be [ɪ] in both?




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I am not sure.


The word is <gustyth> twice in OM (lines 137 and 295).

Tregear writes <gustith> at TH 12.

It looks as though the word is < * wo-eks-têg-to or similar; in which case the second

syllable would be -ey- in MC when stressed, i.e. gosteythter. On the other hand

the unstressed -ith/-yth of gustith/gustyth would lead me to allow gostyth as the basic form

Perhaps the simplest thing would be to write <gosteyth, gosteythter>. But gostyth cannot be considered wrong.


What do you think, Dan?




On 22 Feb 2009, at 12:36, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

Nicholas, in the Bewnans Kespecific vocabulary section you give the reconstruction *gosteyth and in your dictionary the adjective gostyth and the noun gostythter with derived meanings. Should they begosteyth and gosteythter in the SWF?


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