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The context is in the speech of a bishop who says (in the MS spelling  
and word division):

nynges martha kenwesow/ in Chy arluth in bysma

It looks as though the bishop is praising certain things in Arthur's  
that are better there than in any other lord's house.

Elsewhere Cador duke of Cornwall says of Arthur's palace:

Me a vyn abarth an Tas
mos ahanan toyth garaw
the le na thyfyk penlas
the chy an gour hep parow

I will in the Father's name
go hence with great haste
to the place where the finest liquor does not fail,
to the house of the peerless hero.

And again Howel says to Arthur:

y'th chy ny thefyk penlas.
Asyw mer tha veowta!

In thy house liquor does not fail.
How great is thy beauty/ ?hospitality.

Since we do not know the etymology of kenwes, we cannot be sure
of its sense. It really does seem to me that some kind of
conviviality/hospitality is meant.


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